Tutorial Jam

Tutorial Jam

Join us for our first ever Tutorial Jam, where we challenge you to teach something amazing in a single Repl using our brand new Tutorial feature!

You don't need to be a teacher. Everyone can teach. In fact you may have some new, interesting way of showing us how to do something that a traditional teacher may not have thought to do.

Those who can, Teach

Launching on Saturday, October 29th 2022 with an amazing livestream, our inaugural Tutorial Jam challenges everyone to teach something using our new Tutorial feature. Yes, it's the same thing we've been using for 💯 days of code and now you can use it all to teach something amazing.

Your Challenge

Teach something cool. A skill, something neat in a particular programming language or even an entire game development process. It's totally up to you! All you will need to do is:

  • Make one Repl with a tutorial
  • Use our new tutorial feature with multiple pages (markdown files)
  • Use the new floating video pane in an interesting or productive way
  • Your tutorial needs to be a complete project or lesson. Teach us something from start to finish
  • Publish your Tutorial to the Replit Community with #TutorialJam2022
  • Between October 29th and November 5th, come back here and submit your Tutorial link.

Join us for a live results show on November 12th.

But How?

We've written new documentation to show you exactly how to build a tutorial into a Repl.

There's even an amazing video with your favorite bald, teaching-geek showing you how to do it visually.

Judges & Prizes

Our judging panel will be composed of our brand new Reps for EDU, a bunch of amazing educators who will be looking to score your Repls in the following categories:

  • Theme
  • Clarity
  • Innovation
  • Pedagogy (just a fancy word for techniques to teach effectively)
  • Timescale
  • Use of .tutorial and video pane (watch the video to learn how to do this)

So make sure to think about how you're incorporating these into your teaching to score the highest!

First Prize

The greatest of the tutorials will win $750 USD and flaunt their victory with the best of them.

Second Prize

Second place takes home the sum of $500 USD, and bragging rights for life.

Third Prize

Third place grabs $250 USD, with their heads held high amongst the competition.

Special Mention

A few lucky submissions will receive swag to reward particularly interesting or exciting tutorials that impressed us for one reason or another, but wasn't quite in the top three. I think this is even better than the first three prizes because you get to wear your success.

You must publish to the community with the appropriate hashtag and submit your tutorial to be considered for the prizes. There are also some rules which are worth reading.